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This pintxos tour in San Sebastian lets you experience the Basque culture through eating, with each bar we visit you will see a story unfolding of the evolution of Pintxos, from the traditional to the modern interpretation of them today. Along the way, we will give you intimate insights about what it is like to be Basque and all the tips relating to Pintxos, all the while sharing with you historical facts of Parte Vieja and San Sebastian and of course eating the best pintxos, San Sebastian has to offer.

Pintxos in San Sebastian is a mouth-watering adventure into the culinary delights of San Sebastian and the wider Basque community, offering an opportunity to explore in the best way possible through taste sensations that will leave you wanting more. A pintxos tour in San Sebastian will immerse you in the Basque culture and have you feeling what it is like to be Basque!

We will eat where the locals eat, drink what the local’s drinks and most importantly laugh and enjoy life as the locals do.

“To experience pintxos is to experience the Basque way of life, one is indivisible from the other." Anonymous


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Local guide

4 Pintxo bars
2 Pintxos in each bar including 1 drink (total 8 pintxos and 4 drinks)
Introduction to the culture and history of the Basque people and the monuments of San Sebastian.historical facts of the old town and San Sebastian.


What is included in the price?

All food and drinks, and tax are included in the price of our tours. A private local tour guide experienced in tourism.

I have food allergies can I participate in the tours?

Of course! If you have specific dietary requirements, let us know in advance and we will be able to organise something special for you.

Are your tours flexible?

Yes! We can adjust any of our tours to your specific needs.

About us

In the Basque country any celebration is a good excuse to eat drink and socialize, visiting the Basque country is an unforgettable lifetime experience, so come with us and discover what it is…TO BE BASQUE.

To Be Basque ·  This is the Basque Country Video To Be Basque · This is the Basque Country Video
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