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Culinary Experiences - San Sebastian tours

To Be Basque’s culinary experiences are designed to immerse their guests in Basque gastronomy, whether they are on one of their San Sebastian pintxo tours or in La Rioja on their wine lover’s tour, enjoying a glass of some of Spain’s finest wines. To understand the Basque country is to eat and drink your way through Basque food and wine till enlightenment.

Cooking, eating and drinking is seen only as a necessity to many, but in San Sebastian and the wider Basque community it is a labour of love. These culinary experiences are ingrained into the very fabric of Basque society, where food and wine come alive! A San Sebastian tour with To Be Basque is an opportunity to explore the culinary world of the Basque country, to understand that not only does it take fresh products and savvy to produce great food and wine, whether it be a pintxo or a classic local dish to Txakoli the Basque white wine or a glass of a smooth Rioja red, but it also helps to have skip in your step and a song on the lips. So tour San Sebastian in one of the best ways possible, through eating and drinking of the Basque culture!

These San Sebastian guided tours will leave you with greater understanding not only of the products, food and wines of the region, but also an intimate appreciation of the Basque culture and its people, a San Sebastian tour is waiting for you!!

1/2 DAY TOURS in San Sebastian

1/2 DAY TOURS in San Sebastian

FULL DAY TOURS in San Sebastian

Full DAY TOURS in San Sebastian

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In the Basque country any celebration is a good excuse to eat drink and socialize, visiting the Basque country is an unforgettable lifetime experience, so come with us and discover what it is…TO BE BASQUE.

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